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Wot-Nots Auxiliary Cigar Lighter Plug (PWN392)

Code: PWN392

Wot-Nots Auxiliary Cigar Lighter Plug (PWN392)


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Wot-Nots Auxiliary Cigar Lighter Plug (PWN392)

With smartphones, mobile phones and tablets ever increasing in complexity, battery life seems to be a constant issue with them. Running out of battery when you need the phone the most is a common problem we all face. Having a charger in your car could help to solve this problem. The Wot-Nots 12/24 Volt universal in-car charger designed for use with mobile phones and satellite navigation systems. The 12/24V application means that it is compatible with commercial vehicles too and ensures that you never run out of battery again. Wot-Nots are at the cutting edge of pre-pack retailing and as such are the clear market leader for a single solution to stocking a wide range of small carded impulse and distress type products suitable for the Automotive Aftermarket and DIY Car Owners.

  • Cigar lighter plug
  • 10 Amp
  • 12 Volt

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